St. Paul District

Eparchial News

Update: Christ in the Old Testament (Live Streaming)

In response to the increased restrictions and recommendations with regard to the COVID19 virus, we will not be gathering in person for the Lenten sessions “Christ in the Old Testament”.  We will go forward with presenting them however and are encouraging people to...

Christ in the Old Testament: Prophecy and Fulfillment

We know that God promised a saviour and that Jesus was the fulfilment of that promise.  Join us for 4 session during the Great Fast, as we look at the Old Testament and explore where we find the promises and then look at the New Testament in the life of Christ and...

Parish & District News

Welcome to our Parish

We are lead by our fearless pastor, Fr. Mark Sych. Regular Sunday Divine Liturgies are celebrated at the St. Paul parish on the 1st Sunday of the month at 4 pm, and all other Sundays at 9 am. Bonnyville’s Sunday Divine Liturgy is on the 1st Sunday of the month at 10...

Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish